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Whether you are looking for group workshops or one-2-one sessions, each course is built around your needs

women discussion group


Suitable for up to 20 attendees, these courses are ideal for businesses who want to offer their staff a useful skillset, run a team-building event, or to ensure their employees' safety for certain types of work.

Depending on the level of detail required, we can offer anything from introductory workshops to BTEC Level 2 certification in self defence.

Women with veil


With increasing awareness of sexual harassment and assault, these courses are geared towards giving students greater confidence in saying 'no', understanding where boundaries lie and techniques for fighting back and escaping where necessary.

Examples of topics covered include: definition of sexual assault and rape, spiking of drinks, situational awareness when going out, and dealing with the 'freeze' response. 

Women Running


Do you have friends, a social group or club that would all benefit from learning self-defence? 

Why not book a fun group session for everyone?

Group sessions cater for up to 20 people and can be tailored to any scenario or requirements that you have. They can be delivered in front rooms, gyms, halls, the park - anywhere with some room for participants to move around.

Women Volunteers


Learning self-defence, when carefully delivered, can be a powerful aid in the recovery of trauma such as domestic violence and childhood abuse.

Taught in small groups within a safe environment, the pace of learning is dictated by the participants. Extra care is taken to manage potential triggers with a strong focus on practices to manage anxiety.

High Five


The thought of joining a mainstream class can be daunting at first, especially if dealing with past trauma. One-2-one sessions are perfect for those wanting to build confidence, who have a specific requirement, or want more personalised training.

Sessions are generally 45-60mins and held either at my home studio in Leicester or at a venue of your choosing.

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