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Taking a deeper dive into self-defence, this longer course spreads the learning out across 6 hour-long sessions. Revising and building upon the techniques learned on the introductory course, the regular weekly sessions mean we can go into more detail and offer more practice of the techniques and strikes, reinforcing the movements so that they become more instinctive.

In addition, this course covers breathwork and grounding techniques to manage the common 'freeze' response to threat, looks at defence options from the ground and examines some easy takedowns.

Course overview:

  • Effective striking techniques

  • Regular practice against focus pads and strike shields

  • Vulnerable areas of the body

  • Techniques for common types of attack such as strangleholds, chokes, bear hugs and grabs

  • How to fall safely

  • Defence from the ground (lying on back)

  • Managing the fight, flight or freeze response to threat

  • Grounding techniques and breathwork

  • Simple takedowns

Spaces are limited to 6 women per workshop so all participants get tailored instruction in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Course length: 6 x 1hr weekly sessions

Cost: £65/person

Time: Wednesdays 7.30pm

Start date: Wednesday 11th September 2024

Please note: while the instructor is trauma-informed trained, this course does not specifically cater for those recovering from trauma or abuse, or likely to experience triggers. Please take a look at our trauma-informed therapeutic courses that are specifically designed to aid in trauma recovery.


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Tel: 07951 426386

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