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This introductory session is designed to give participants a taster of what the longer course will be about.


It can be nerve-wracking not knowing what to expect before signing up to a series of sessions, so this workshop will give participants an overview of what to expect so they can make an informed decision about the longer course.

In this introductory session there is no person-to-person contact or defence role play, and any strike pads are held by the instructor.

This introduction will offer participants examples from a typical session such as:

  • Warm up & stretches using interoception to bring greater awareness to body sensations

  • Effective striking and kicking - we practice the move first then try against the instructor's pad

  • Pound & Ground: Raising heart rate slightly then using a grounding technique to help bring the body back to its normal state

Spaces are limited to 6 women per workshop so all participants get tailored instruction in a comfortable and relaxed environment. You do not need to be fit - the warm-up and techniques are designed to be accessible to all!

Course length: 1hr

Cost: £8/person

Time: 11am
Date: Saturday 7th September 2024

For more information on our specialist Trauma-Informed Self-Defence programme. please download the information sheet here.


Please fill in the contact form to enquire more about this course, or contact us via the details below.

Tel: 07951 426386

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