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This series of sessions will gently cover a hybrid of self-defence and martial arts. Taught in a trauma-informed way, the course will work through various types of strikes and kicks using the pads to practice on, with grounding techniques, stretching and breathwork incorporated into each session to help reconnect the brain with the body, and to aid with anxiety and potential triggers.


This is an entry-level course, meaning that there is no direct person-to-person contact (as in touch) other than holding the pads for each other to strike, something we work up to gradually.

Course overview:

  • Warm-ups and stretching using interoception to bring greater awareness to body sensations

  • Effective striking and kicking - we practice the move first then progress towards using the pads gradually

  • Positioning and awareness

  • Vulnerable areas to target

  • "Pound & Ground" exercises: Raising heart rate slightly with exercise then practicing a grounding technique to help bring the body back to its normal state. This helps participants learn to self-regulate when they feel the onset of symptoms rising from anxiety, panic or triggers associated with trauma

Spaces are limited to 6 women per workshop so all participants get tailored instruction in a comfortable and relaxed environment. You do not need to be fit - the warm-up and techniques are designed to be accessible to all!

Course length: 8 x 1hr weekly sessions

Cost: £85/person

Time: Wednesdays 6pm

Start date: Wednesdays 18th September 2024

For more information on our specialist Trauma-Informed Self-Defence programme. please download the information sheet here.


Please fill in the contact form to enquire more about this course, or contact us via the details below.

Tel: 07951 426386

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