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The perfect introduction to self-defence, this 2 hour workshop covers basic techniques and is suitable for both beginners and those wanting to refresh their skills from an earlier course.

Through hands-on practice, you will learn effective striking and self-defence moves, situational awareness and a greater understanding of the fight, flight and freeze responses.  Our supportive and inclusive environment ensures that every participant feels comfortable and empowered, regardless of fitness level or prior experience.

Course overview:

  • Effective striking techniques

  • Practice against focus pads and strike shields

  • Vulnerable areas of the body

  • Techniques for common types of attack such as strangleholds, chokes, bear hugs and grabs

  • Managing the common 'freeze' response to threat

Spaces are limited to 6 women per workshop so all participants get tailored instruction in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Course length: 2hrs

Cost: £25/person

Time: 3pm

Date: Saturday 7th September 2024

Please note: while the instructor is trauma-informed trained, this course does not specifically cater for those recovering from trauma or abuse, or likely to experience triggers. Please take a look at our trauma-informed therapeutic courses that are specifically designed to aid in trauma recovery.


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Tel: 07951 426386

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