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For women, by women

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Taught by an experienced female instructor, we provide courses in both real-life self-defence and martial arts for women and girls across the Midlands.

Courses and workshops are:


"Amazing techniques, the instructor was amazing.. it was absolutely perfect and I would have loved to do more lessons"

Megan, Women's Welfare Society, Nottingham Trent University


I'm passionate about equipping women and girls with the tools needed to defend themselves - learning these skills can not only improve confidence but can be a powerful aid in healing past trauma.

My aim is to offer a safe, welcoming and friendly environment in which any woman can learn some self-defence, and leave feeling stronger and more empowered.

About the instructor

Defence4Women was founded by Tamsin Davis, herself an experienced martial artist and teacher of taekwon-do.


She was inspired to teach women self-defence after seeing the boost in confidence and self-esteem that her students found in practicing martial arts, and wanted to expand the opportunity to more women, with more focused sessions and an emphasis on aiding trauma recovery.

Although there is overlap, self-defence is different to learning a martial art. Self-defence deals with unpredictable real-life scenarios; the main techniques are simple and quick to grasp; you don’t need to be fit (it's not an exercise class!), and yet it can have the same empowering effect, allowing women to take back control of their lives.


Background & experience

Tamsin is a certified self-defence instructor with a nationally accredited BTEC Level 3 in Self-Defence, and has completed teacher training with the Conscious Combat Club, the world's first provider of trauma-informed martial arts.

Her background is in martial arts as a qualified instructor with the British Taekwondo Council, and a 4th Dan black belt in taekwon-do; she also trains in both kick boxing and Russian Systema self-defence.


As well as teaching self-defence, she runs one of the only women-only taekwon-do clubs in the country and teaches at this and various other classes each week. She is fully DBS-checked and first aid trained.

Meet the instructor
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